Winnebago County today (5/22)

I started at the flooded area on Baxter Road just N of the entrance to Kilbuck FP.  In the way back on the left, were 4 Semipalmated Plovers and 2 peeps, one of which was a Semipalmated Sandpiper.

From there, I went to Kilbuck Bluffs FP.  Had a few late warblers, (Ywllow-rumped among them) when I heard a double check note of a Summer Tanager, which quickly departed the scene.  But, I found it in the open area opposite the stone shelter house.  A beautiful male was out in the trees opposite the shelter, and it was singing up a storm. I have photos, but can’t seem to post them here.  Must be a change in tech.

Headed over to Bell Bowl, at the Rockford Airport, where Steve Gent reported a Bell’s Vireo.  Relocated that, plus a singing Sedge Wren and an Orchard Oriole.

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