White-winged Crossbills at Klehm Arboretum, Rockford

Barbara and I walked the paved loop trail at Klehm Arboretum from 10:30-11:30 a.m. today. Highlight was a small flock of 6 White-winged Crossbills at the far southwestern arc of the loop at trail marker 11. Also there was a flock of 17 Pine Siskins. We had 2 Red-breated Nuthatches on the walk, plus heard a few calling Red-winged Blackbirds. I found some owl pellets that appeared to be those of a Long-eared Owl, but there was no owl in view in the conifer. We heard later that a trimming crew apparently flushed an owl that was being pursued by crows earlier that morning. I’ll check the spot again when the crews aren’t working. There were 4-5 pellets, so it appears as if an owl has been roosting there for more than one day.

One thought on “White-winged Crossbills at Klehm Arboretum, Rockford”

  1. Nice to see that Dan and Barbara have returned from their forays. A quick note on WWCRs this morning, had 41 crossbills over at Greenwood Cemetery this morning feeding on the ground around the Brown mausoleum and under the Hemlocks in the circle.

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