Waterfowl movements Feb 27th

Waterfowl are coming through in good numbers.  Again checked the floods on North Pecatonica and Blair RD.  Still a lot of whitefronts there, but far fewer snow geese.  Just saw one white morph snow goose, with several dark morphs.  Far more pintails, and see additional species from yesterday : American wigeon ( a pair), ring-necked ducks and northern shoveler ( reported by Phil Donchek this afternoon).   Of note there were at least 6 ROSS”S GEESE  along Blair RD.   Met Dan Williams on Blair  where we got a tip off of thousands of Geese on N Fairwell Bridge Rd.  There were an estimated 10,000 geese in floods by Maize Rd.  Approximately 5,000 white-fronts, 5,000 snow geese and 100 ( estimated) Ross’s Geese.  American pipit was heard in flight and a red-shouldered hawk passed over.  I returned via Rockford Airport, looking for pipits, meadowlarks and more waterbirds.  Did not find the wood duck seen by Dan Williams last weekend, but did find 4 trumpeter swans, 4 Ross’s geese, 150 or so whitefronts, 20 pintail and a number of Canada geese.  Unfortunately they were flushed by a dog.   There are many red-winged blackbirds on territory, and grackles are back.  Keep an eye out for rusty blackbirds and pipits.

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