Waterfowl in Pecatonica

There are numbers of waterfowl moving through the county. Dan Williams was alerted by Mary-Kay Ruby that a good variety, and number of waterfowl were on the east side of North Meridian Rd. Both swans ( 2 /3 tundra +1, 2, trumpeter) white-fronted and snow geese, lesser and greater scaup, pintail, goldeneye, redhead, canvasback, gadwall and mallard were present. The numbers tried throughout the day. Most of the snow geese had moved on by the time I had arrived, but at least 1000 white-fronts were present. Several killdeer were seen and heard. The throng is tending to stay quite distant, so a scope was essential. Not sure how long they will stick. Afterwards I drove the back roads through Pecatonica onto Telegraph and Knapp roads. Oliver RD is blocked from both ends now, Checked Hooples, but absolutely nothing.  I was told of a large number of gulls along the 70 this morning, and of some other snow geese “near Pecatonica”. I found two common grackles new Oliver rd. Spring is here it seems.

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