Waterfowl before the storm

I checked a few area spots for waterfowl before the weather changes tomorrow.  Then I plan to check them again to see if anything new has arrived or today’s birds left.

At Howard farm on IL 70, there were 2 Ross’ Geese and 5 Snow Geese.

Lake Summerset had 17 Ruddy Ducks, 22 Mallards, 5 Common Goldeneye, and 66 Buffleheads.  I have never seen that many Buffies in one place in the county before.

Nieman Pond in Stephenson County had 9 Tundra Swans, 18 N. Shovelers,  and 150 Mallards.

A pair of adult Sandhill Cranes with 1 juvenile were in the Ridott area.  Based on their location and my observation of a pair in that area this spring, I believe that this pair successfully nested there.

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