waterfowl at Rock Cut SP

Checked Pierce Lake today to see if there was any open water at the east end of the lake where the creek enters.  There is a small area of open water that does not yet extend as far west as the Lion’s Club fishing pier.

There were some ducks in the open water:  21 Hooded Mergansers were the highlight, plus a pair of Ring-necked Ducks, 6 Lesser Scaup, and 2 Black Ducks plus a few Mallards. 

A flock of 96 White-fronted Geese came in from the southwest, circled out to the northeast over Olson Lake, and then headed off to the northwest.  Must not have been enough open water for them.

One thought on “waterfowl at Rock Cut SP”

  1. Friday: Half as many Hooded Mergs, 4 times as many scaup, double the Black Ducks, add some Ring-necked Ducks and Buffleheads, and suddenly there are 4 dozen Common Mergansers.

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