Thursday AM Kite Update

Drove early in the morning to Bloom School and before I could park the car, I spotted the kite in “the perch tree”. Lighting stunk the whole time I was there but this is one of the shots I got.

Mississippi Kite

Note: School is starting very soon so teachers were showing up ~0700. There were also some people “walking” dogs (i.e. letting them run loose). Kite could care less.

Anyone going here has a HIGH chance of seeing the bird (I only saw one this morning) and there is quite a bit of parking.

As noted by Larry, this is a fun place to watch other raptors as well. While I didn’t see any Kestrels, a juv. Cooper’s Hawk was busy dive-bombing the abundant supply of squirrels. It seemed more of a game than an actual hunting attempt.

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