Barbara and I drove over to Bloom School around 9:15 on Sunday morning. John Longhenry and Mary Kay Rubey were there with their cameras already set up. Vic and Ann Berardi, from the IL Beach SP hawkwatch, were there, too.

The juvenile kite was perched in the dead branches at the top of a Siberian Elm, where he sat for almost the entire hour that we were there. After nearly 25 minutes, the adult male Kite came in with food about 3-4 times to feed it. Mary Kay reported that 3 kites were seen by her husband on Saturday morning, so the female must have still been around, although we did not see her in the hour that we were there today.

About 9:30, a lot of raptor activity started. Migrating Broad-winged Hawks started to fly up from the north, so they must have been leaving their overnight migration roosts. I counted 24, but there could have been a few more or less. Also seen was an Osprey and a Peregrine Falcon. The Osprey circled in a kettle of Broad-wings, but the falcon zoomed through at high speed, flapping all the way. One of the neighborhood Cooper’s Hawks made a brief appearance around 10:15.

Given all of the migrating raptors seen from this site, it seems to be a good hawk watch location.