shore birds- winn. county

Shore birds in Winn. Cty on Aug. 7- Oliver Rd-Bairds S.P.-Stilt S.P.PectoralS.P.Least S.P.Wilsons Phalarope,S.B.DowitcherSemi-Palmated Plover. Pec. Rd. still had Black-Belly Plover-Red-Necked Phalarope- L.Yellowlegs-G.Yellowlegs- Sandhill Cranes-Great Egrets. Also ,in Pec. Wetlands, Solitary S.P.- Spotted Sandpipers.

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  1. All Pecatonica Road shorebirds were gone at 11:50 am today (8/8). Almost all of the water has dried up. There were 109 Great Egrets there, mostly in the back and along the ditch. The 2 hen Northern Pintails that were on Pec Road yesterday around noon are still present. They are mixed in with the Mallards.

    The juvenile Wilson’s Phalarope was not seen on Oliver Rd. this morning.

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