Rusty Blackbirds on Oliver RD

Yesterday around midday, John Longhenry and I ran into a large flock of blackbirds at the twin creeks on Oliver Rd. There were many birds either die feeding and drinking in both creeks. We first located a single rusty taking grit with red-winged blackbirds, grackles and a cowbird. After a little watching it became apparent that there were hundreds of blackbird there. We estimated 500 for the whole flock. Amongst those we estimated 20-30 rusty blackbirds. This is a place that John and I always look for rustles at this time of the year, and quite often encounter one or two. Although we did not see nay Brewer’s, the flock should be gone through thoroughly to see if there are any, or any other stray blackbirds, present. As a side note We trapped a catbird and an orange-crowned warbler yesterday at Sand Bluff

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