Rock Cut State Park, Rockford, IL : 5-13-19

Today my mom and I went to Rock Cut State Park. We were there from 3:15 PM -4:30 PM. Our birding friends call it “Warbler Nirvana” during migration! They were totally right! It was so alive with activity.  We saw..

Spotted Sandpiper (1)                         Western Palm Warbler

Canada Goose                                        Black-and-White Warbler

Yellow-rumped warbler                      Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Tree Swallow                                          Northern Waterthrush

Yellow Warbler                                     Black-Throated Green Warbler

Northern Parula                                    Wilson’s Warbler

American Redstart                                 Brown Thrasher

Swainson’s Thrush                                 Blue Jay

Gray Catbird                                            Northern Cardinal



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Hello. I am currently participating in the ABA Young Birder of the Year contest. I just joined NCIOS, so some of my first entries will be backdated. I have been birding for 6 years, and volunteer at Sand Bluff Bird Observatory. I won 1st place in Ornithology at the State Science Olympiad Tournament in Urbana, IL.

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