There was a large turnout for the NCIOS field trip to Rock Cut State Park! Thanks all for coming and making it such a success. We saw around 40 species, including fly-over Sandhill Cranes, Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets, and a Brown Creeper.

In the little open water on the east side of Pierce Lake we found Hooded and Common Mergansers, Lesser Scaup, Bufflehead, Ring-necked Duck, American Black Duck, Mallard, Canada Goose, Wood Duck, Great Blue Heron, and Northern Shoveler.

At Olsen Lake, singing Eastern Meadowlarks and an Eastern Phoebe were wonderful signs of spring. The weather was a bit chilly, but the sun was bright and it was a good time.
Eastern Phoebe Sandhill Crane
NCIOS bird trip NCIOS Bird Trip
Birding is fun! NCIOS Bird Trip