Rock Cut, Saturday July 7

Went birding with my dad, a birder from San Diego and two birders from Boulder, Colorado. I was the “guide” and wanted to show them the Cerulean Warbler. Success! For anyone that hasn’t seen a Cerulean Warbler they have to be the most easily viewed Ceruleans in the county. I’ve been to Rock Cut about six or seven times since May and have seen or heard the bird each time (sighted 4 or 5 times).

Other interesting birds at Rock Cut – Northern Parulas in about 3 locations along the bike path from the dam parking lot. They were singing loudly. We also heard many Wood Thrushes along the same trail which is extremely good news. We found a Yellow-billed Cuckoo, American Redstarts, and there were many Great Blue Herons flying about.

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  1. Can you please tell us where you have seen the Cerulean warblers in Rock Cut? I have looked in Rock Cut with my parents several times without success. We would love to see them and the Northern Parulas! Both would be life birds for us.

  2. Sorry for not giving the details in the post…here they are:

    Cerulean Warbler: Park in the lot by the dam (across from the bike path, right next to the lake). If you head north up the hill (face the bike path and head to the right up the road) there is a small area with picnic tables. The trees here are where the Ceruleans were flying around. If you are familiar with their song it makes them easier to find as they are always singing when I’ve been there.

    Northern Parulas: Take the bike path from same parking lot and continue until you reach the second bridge. (This is a fairly good walk but since you follow the creek most of the way, it is really birdy). Past that bridge is where the Parulas were singing. They have an upward trilly song that makes them easier to find. I’ve also heard them at other places along the bike path, but this is where we had excellent views.

    Hope that helps and good luck finding them!

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