Ridott (Stephenson County) & Rock Cut

Prompted by a post about White-fronted and Snow Geese on IBET, I drove over to Ridott yesterday afternoon.  I quickly found a very large flock of White-fronted Geese on the east side of Rock City Road about 1/4-1/2 mile north of Ridott.  Mixed in with them were some small white geese.  I counted 10 Snow and 8 Ross’ Geese. There was a smattering of Green-winged Teal, Mallards, and 5 Ring-necked Ducks.

Nieman Pond had the usual suspects, including about 24 Pintails and some Am. Wigeon and GW Teal.  Pairs of Sandhill Cranes are scattered about in various corn and soy fields.

The Horned Grebe continues at Rock Cut off of the Lions Club fishing pier in the SE part of the lake.  Also there were 18 buffleheads.  A pair of Pied-billed Grebes were about 100 yards out from the rock pile island near the dam.

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