Request for Mississippi Kite information

On Thursday, September 16, Dan Williams saw an adult and a juvenile. At a different time, I saw the juvenile flying very strongly. We were both out of town for a couple of days after that, and wonder if anyone else has seen any of the kites since last Thursday. If so, please comment on this post, giving date and details. We want to determine the departure date of the last kite. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Request for Mississippi Kite information”

  1. On 09-20, 4:11 pm, I saw three kites around the Bloom area….the juvie was flying strongly… fairly low in the sky, putting on quite a show. Two adults were soaring at a higher altitude…

  2. Friday, Sept 24, 1630 to 1745 hrs

    Located between the north side of Bloom School and the baseball diamond for wide views, I had several, distant single Kite sightings to the west,north, and east. A fledgling came in from the east and landed in the Home Plate tree for ten minutes about1715hrs. It left to the east and gave multiple wide and loosely intersecting circles with another Kite – from Westchester to about 1.5 blocks east to south-east until I left at 1745hrs. As Ever, Orin Keplinger,Boone county

  3. Hase anyone seen the kites? I haven’t since 9/21. Luis Munoz was considering coming tomorrow to try to see them…Please post any new info…

  4. I live in the area and am wondering when I should start looking for the kites to make a return this year?

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