I was contacted by the owner of the Lone Rock Cafe, the concessionaire at Rock Cut State Park about getting new clubs/organizations to meet at the park as a way to attract visitors (and of course, customers too). One thing mentioned was the lack of a photography club and meeting at Rock Cut would be great since there is so much to photograph there.

I was curious if any NCIOS members would want to be a part of a photography club that meets once (or twice) a month at Rock Cut. So far details are limited. A possible working name would be Winnebago Wild Photography Club and would focus on nature photography county-wide (and elsewhere too).

The cafe has internet access and I am planning on getting more details when I visit (this Sunday) but wanted to know if anyone was interested in being a part. We could use the internet to host all our photos (digital) and that way everyone can view and comment on them. (Examples of this can be found here) I would love to learn photography tips from others and this would be a wonderful way to get non-birders interested in birds.

Feel free to email me directly birdfreak@birdfreak.com if you are interested (you don’t have to join/attend anything, I just want an idea of people interested before I talk to the owner of the cafe). As for cost of being a member that is also open for debate… a membership on the photosharing site Flickr is $24.95 a year (I think) and would allow everyone to upload their photos, organize them by categories, sets, etc. and is really quite fun.


Eddie Callaway