Pelicans on Blair Rd Pecatonica Wetlands

Today ( May 2nd) I was out and about looking for migrants in the county, and found at least 100 white pelicans on Blair rd. They were fishing in a small creek. There are also a number of pelicans at Howard’s farm. There is also a white-fronted goose there. I did not find many migrants, save many swallows, mostly barn and tree at various locations. On Goerke Rd, off Blair, I found a red-breasted nuthatch foraging at the first pull off. At Lake Somerset I found three terns fishing distantly. I could not ID them to species, but they were probably Forster’s. Note this is a closed site, so no access. You can only view the lake from the causeway. I I did not see any purple martins here, but it was very windy and cold. All the spots I tried for shorebirds came up pretty empty. Oliver Rd had a few greater yellowlegs. There was one lesser yellowlegs on Knapp and one solitary sandpiper. Winds are not favorable right now. Weather should improve by the week end.

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