Oliver Road shorebirds

The fluddles along Oliver Road continue to be the best place to look for shorebirds in Winnebago County now that most other puddles have dried up.

In addition to many Killdeer, Lesser Yellowlegs, Pectoral, Least and Spotted Sandpipers, the following have been seen in small numbers, but not every day: American Golden-plover (8/16), Stilt (8/17), Semipalmated (8/16-17) and Baird’s (8/16-17) Sandpipers, Wilson’s (8/17) and Red-necked (8/14) Phalaropes, Greater yellowlegs and Wilson’s Snipe.  A Short-billed Dowitcher was seen there in the aftgernoon of either 8/13 or 14.

3 thoughts on “Oliver Road shorebirds”

  1. The fluddle on East 3rd in Pecatonica
    had reasonable numbers of shorebirds yesterday morning: least, semi-p and one Baird’s plus numerous KD and both yellowlegs. Moody Rd still has water, although I have not seen any shorebirds there on numerous visits, it is still worth checking.

  2. One Baird’s SP at Oliver RD oxbow today. A lot of birds in the bean field flood, but nothing new. No sign of the stilt sand or Wilson’s phalarope today. Many more ducks are present. I checked the floods on Meridian rd / 75, where there is still water. A few shorebirds here least, Semi-p, pec, yellowlegs and some blue-winged teal. Note the Meridian Bridge is now closed, so I did not check Moody flood.

  3. There are still good numbers of shorebirds around the county today Sunday 20th August. I birded Oliver Rd, Blodgett /Moody Rd and east 3rd street in Pecatonica. Oliver did not have that many shorebirds but there were many great egrets and great blue herons, a lot of ducks also ( blue-winged teal and mallard). I did find one Baird’s feedings with pecs, least semi-p’s, yellowlegs, spotted sands and of course KD’s. On Moody / Blodgett there were a lot of yellowlegs, mostly greater, loads of KD’s one solitary and 17 great egrets. Not a great deal on east 3rd, more yellowlegs, pecs, solitary, least, KD’s and one more Baird’s . I did not find any dowitchers. I expect that the floods on Blodgett and east 3rd will be gone in a couple of days. The bean field flood on Oliver is now split, so it too may not last long. Worth checking these places whilst there is still movement going on.

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