Nygren on Saturday

Barbara and I hiked the loop trail around Nygren Wetlands this morning. The new trail signs look great!

A skin of ice covered most of the still water visible from the observation platform but a variety of puddle ducks was present in the open water to the SE, best viewed from the trail that runs along the east side of the marsh. We counted 9 Wilson’s Snipe, plus 4 Killdeer and 2 Ring-billed Gulls, too.

An immature harrier was working the grassland. Quite a few Fox Sparrows were along the east side near the portajohn. They were mixed in with W/C and W/T Sparrows. American Tree Sparrows were present in very good numbers, but only a few juncos. I heard Snow Buntings fly over.

This evening at dusk, 2 Great Horned Owls were heard from the observation deck, but no Short-eared Owls were seen. The Sandhill Crane numbers are starting to build up.

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