Northern Winnebago County White Pelicans

This evening about 60 White Pelicans were soaring over our house. Others have seen them this summer on the sloughs just south of the Pecatonica River bridge on Meridian Road. In mid-June a smaller group were soaring over the Williams Tree Farm on Yale Bridge Road.

2 thoughts on “Northern Winnebago County White Pelicans”

  1. Dan,

    I went on a walk that you led @ Klemm this winter and see that you post a lot at this sight. I found one mention of an osprey @ pierce lake from April 2007. Sunday, I believe I saw an osprey on a light pole on rt 173 just east of I90 (very close to Rock Cut). Monday morning, I believe I saw it landing on the cell tower on Rt 173, just west of the intersection w Belvidere/Beloit rd. Monday evening I noticed that there is a nest on top of the cell tower. Are there many osprey’s in Winnebego Co.? Might it be a different bird?


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