Calling all area birders!! We are looking for information on 14 species of birds that are of special conservation concern yet found in our area. These birds are:

  1. Bell’s Vireo
  2. Bobolink
  3. Dickcissel
  4. Henslow’s Sparrow
  5. Red-headed Woodpecker
  6. Sedge Wren
  7. Blue-winged Warbler
  8. Cerulean Warbler
  9. Golden-winged Warbler
  10. Hooded Warbler
  11. Kentucky Warbler
  12. Prothonotary Warbler
  13. Whip-poor-will
  14. Wood Thrush

We have created an easy-to-use sheet (PDF) you can download and print to fill out records of these birds. Alternatively, you can email Eddie Callaway ( your sightings {date, location, species, count} and they will be recorded.

The goal is to get data of these birds in Winnebago, Boone, Stephenson, Ogle, and DeKalb counties with the focus on Winnebago.

So please get the Conservation Project Form and get ready for migration!!

Updates will be made periodically about how the project is going. A completed report will be presented at the NCIOS meeting in October.

By knowing where these birds are in our area, we can hopefully influence increased habitat for these wonderful yet declining birds.