Kite update August 18

The young kite seen in the nest last Friday was found on the ground yesterday morning by Chicago birders. It may have fallen out as long ago as Saturday. It cannot fly yet. In fact, it has a hard time perching on thinner branches, and occasionally tips over and ends hanging upside down, wings akimbo.

Late yesterday afternoon, it somehow crossed a lawn, a street, and another lawn, and climbed into a tall dense bush. Today it has worked its way up to the top of the bush, and from there to a small tree. It appears to be healthy and strong, and having survived this long on or near the ground, we trust it will soon be flying and hunting on its own.

This morning between 6:20 and 6:45, I counted 5 kites perched in the Bloom School neighborhood. The subadult perched for 2½ hours in the big tree near Buckingham and Pleasant View. Other raptors seen nearby in the last 4 days are Cooper’s Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Broad-winged Hawk, Turkey Vulture, and today around noon, a Sharp-shinned Hawk soaring with three Mississippi Kites.

The Carolina Wren is singing regularly around the intersections of Buckingham with Roncevalles and Scottswood.

Click on the pictures below to see them full size.

Fledgling kite today

Struggling to stay upright

Being fed by adult male

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  1. Went over to see the kites on Monday and was able to locate 6 of them, missing this juvenile that Larry addresses here. 3 were flying to the south of the school (2 adults and one juvenile), one male that stayed at the school for over 90 minutes while I was in the area, and the two adults with the juvenile that apparently had fallen from the nest. The peculiar thing was that the parents were still flying into the large pine tree with food but again I was not able to locate the juvie in the tree.

    Tonite, after Larry’s posting, I drove by the house where the juvenile is currently staying and it was calling loudly. The homeowner, a very nice and well meaning fellow, was trying to get crickets to feed the kite. I mentioned that the parents are still around and will probably continue to feed but not while he was hanging around the bushes or in the vacinity.

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