Kite explosion in Rockford

After birding yesterday with Dan & Barb (see previous post), Donna and I went by the intersection where juvenile kite #2 (Kid 2) was seen last Wednesday and again Friday (see 1 Sep post). We found a third juvenile kite perched on a branch 40-45 feet up in a pin oak on the northeast corner of Lundvall and Parkwood. We were able to show it to out-of-town photographers and to many residents of the neighborhood who came by to see what was going on. The kite remained on that branch until around 9:30 this morning, when it moved to a lower branch about 25-30 feet up in the same tree. We have no reports of this bird being able to fly yet.

After checking on this new “Kid 3” this morning, Donna and I happened to discover a fourth juvenile kite sitting a two or three feet above its nest not far off Highcrest. That nest is less than 600 feet from the nest we reported here on 13 August. Although we did not see it move, Dan and Barbara Williams saw it fly about 15 feet, without leaving its nest tree. It appears to be about the same age as Kid 3.

A summary of sighting histories of these four young kites has been posted on IBET with the same title as this post.

Click on the photo below to see it in full.

Juvenile Mississippi Kite
Kid 4 today

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  1. Your photo of “kid 4” is the same juvenile kite that was in a nest on the corner of Buckingham and Fairview Ct. I recognize the tree/perch you photographed and that has been a favorite perch of this juvenile for the past week (also sometimes perched on the SE corner of Highcrest and Winthrop). Prior to that, the juvenile was located on Stratford, one block north of Highcrest.

    My suggestion is to get about 10 birders together with radios and canvas all four areas simultaneously with radios to confirm that there are actually four juveniles.

    There very well may be four different juveniles, but the only way to confirm this is by having teams at all four locations.

    Thanks for listening,


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