Hummmingbird identified! Immature female Rufous

Today, Vern Kleen drove to Rockford to trap and band the selasphorus hummingbird that has been coming to the Anderson feeder since mid-November. It is an immature female Rufous. For details, and to see John Longhenry’s photos, go to the following site on Illinois Birder’s Forum. John also has photos on his Flickr account.;topicseen#new

2 thoughts on “Hummmingbird identified! Immature female Rufous”

  1. Sue Anderson reports that the Rufous Hummingbird was at her feeder at 4:30 p.m., so it made it through the night.

  2. I saw it at the Anderson’s feeder this morning around 0915. It is now a count week bird for the Kishwaukee CBC that takes place on Saturday. If it survives the predicted winter storm coming tomorrow, and the cold overnight temperatures for the two nights after that, we may see it on the count.

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