Sounds like some sort of exotic drink but in reality, a Green-breasted Mango has been sighted just outside of Beloit, Wisconsin.

Directions: (from the Wisconsin Birding Network and verbal communication with Ken Frey)

3709 W Sandale Dr
Beloit, WI 53511

Take highway 213 out of Beloit to the northwest. The road is a dead-end road on the left and it is the first house on the right. Park on the road and walk up the driveway. There is a hummingbird feeder between the garage and garden shed. Please do not show up before 8 o’clock and be respectful of the gracious people that are allowing birders to come on their property.

Look for other birders if you are having trouble!!

Identification of the hummingbird should be somewhat easy. The Green-breasted Mango is a full 1 inch larger than a Ruby-throated and has distinctive blackish markings on its breast plus a reddish color on the throat. Check the Kaufman field guide for a great picture.

I have not seen it yet but will be going up Thursday evening and attempt a photograph.

There are excellent photos of this bird already online, and you can view some of them at Birder’s World’s Field of View Blog.