Golden-crowned Sparrow still in Stephenson Co.

Th eGolden-crowned Sparrow in Scioto Mills has been seen daily since Saturday, April 17, in Scioto Mills, Stephenson County. Photos are posted at The bird has been seen in several locations, most frequently 150 or so yards south along the Jane Addams Trail, in the yard with a bird feeder and a green children’s slide. It is also being seen in the yard and at the feeder of a house at the SE corner of Scioto Mills and Iris Hill Roads, and also across the street to the north of the last house mentioned.

2 thoughts on “Golden-crowned Sparrow still in Stephenson Co.”

  1. Still there today (4/21) at 0835 behind the yellow house with the green swingset and slide about 150 yards down the Addams trail.
    Also present was a Carolina Wren.

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