Finch activity at Greenwood Cemetery in Rockford (NE corner of N. Main and Auburn Sts) is heating up over the past few days.

A smattering of Pine Siskins has been hanging around for over a week.  This morning, Steve Gent and John Longhenry had 45 in a flock.  Around 11:45 am, I had a flock of 55.  About the same time, I had a flock of 18 Red Crossbills fly over headed NE.  Yesterday, Larry Balch had a flock south of the chapel which flew SW.

John Longhenry had 2 White-winged Crossbills yesterday at the circle with the hemlocks north of the chapel.  A migrating Cooper’s Hawk soared over the cemetery around 1:00 p.m. yesterday.

There are a lot of cones on the conifers in the cemetery, particularly on the hemlocks.  This place bears frequent checking.

One thought on “Finches”

  1. I was there today and yesterday, I had the flocks of Pine Siskins but couldn’t find the Crossbills. I did find a Merlin parked in the top of one of the pines this morning.

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