Eurasian Collared-doves

Yesterday, Steve Bailey posted on IBET that he heard a Eurasian Collared-dove calling along Edwardsville Road while he was doing a bird survey. This morning, Larry Balch and I drove Edwardsville Road and found a pair of ECDOs perched at the top of a tree in the front yard of a farm house on Edwardsville Road about 1/4 mile E of its intersection with Conger Road. A dead starling is hanging from the wires on the opposite side of the road from the farmhouse.

Larry and I also drove to German Valley in SE Stephenson County. Steve told me that he has seen ECDOs there in the past. We quickly found 1 ECDO along Rock City Road 1 block S of its intersection with German Valley Road.

One thought on “Eurasian Collared-doves”

  1. I saw these same ECDOs on Edwardsville Road in roughly the same location on Saturday, March 3 at around 3 p.m….

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