Hummmingbird identified! Immature female Rufous

Today, Vern Kleen drove to Rockford to trap and band the selasphorus hummingbird that has been coming to the Anderson feeder since mid-November. It is an immature female Rufous. For details, and to see John Longhenry’s photos, go to the following site on Illinois Birder’s Forum. John also has photos on his Flickr account.;topicseen#new

Sage Thrasher at Sand Bluff Obs

This morning we trapped and banded an adult Sage Thrasher at SBBO. we are unable to hold birds long after trapping and so the bird was released at the front of the building. The trapping area is closed to the public when banding is in progress, so all day today and up until Sunday. If it is re-seen or re-trapped I will post the news ASAP