I birded with Jennifer Outcalt (my sister) at Blackhawk Springs over my lunch break. Raptors seemed to be moving about quite a bit with sightings of low-flying Red-tail and Cooper’s Hawks. The best find was a small group of Eastern Bluebirds and hearing a Song Sparrow singing away.

I will probably bring this up at next month’s meeting but has anyone used eBird before and if they have what do they think of it? eBird (ebird.org) is a great tool for birders because it allows us to put in our sightings in checklist form and let the computer do all the work. You can make graphs, keep year lists, life lists, county lists, individual location lists, etc.

Check it out if you have time. I was thinking of creating a community database for NCIOS - where we could all sign in with same user name/password and submit sightings. Let me know what you think (add a comment by clicking on the post title or where it says “no comments”)