Bell’s Vireo at Mockingbird spot

This morning, while watching the Mockingbird (it flew in and sat on the wire just after we arrived) with Tom Little, Bob Erickson and Al Stokie, I heard a Bell’s Vireo call from the thicket of scrub trees inside the fence just E of gate #48 along Belt Line Road. It wouldn’t show itself for quite a while. After the others left, it called again, so I sat in my car and watched the fruiting mulberry, which looks more like a shrub than a tree. After about 10 minutes, the vireo started to call repeatedly from inside the mulberry, and finally appeared in clear view, where it sang regularly. There are more than 250 Bank Swallows in and over the airport quarry, many of which are recently fledged young. And, adults are still feeding young in nest cavities–many holes still have 2 heads sticking out to beg whenever an adult flies near. From observing the young which are already fledged, and the apparent age of the chicks sticking their heads out of the cavities, I expect that all still in nests will be out of them within few days.

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