Larry Balch and I went out to Westlake Nature area this morning to see if we could find any Nelson’s Sharp-tailed or LeConte’s Sparrows. Upon arrival, we discovered that we were unable to cross the limestone dam in the center of the ponds because beavers have adopted it and improved it. The stones are now buried under mud and sticks of the beaver dam, and the water level upstream is quite a bit higher by at least a foot than previously. It wasn’t possible to cross the dam with the new dam there. The dam, if not disturbed, is going to keep the water level higher and probably make quite a change in vegetation and birdlife around the upstream ponds.

We walked to the back pond via Smith Road. Flushed an American Bittern and several Soras. Warblers weren’t much, but we had 4 Cape Mays. Also around was a Marsh Wren and several Sedge Wrens.