I received a report that the Snowy Owl was seen near dusk today, December 9, at the same spot as yesterday. If anyone sees it, or hears from others that it was seen again, please post the news or email me directly. That area is within the Rockford CBC circle and I would like to keep that area team updated with the news.

I went up to the owl spot about 3:30 p.m. today and met a birder from Wisconsin. He had been there for 45 miknutes without luck. I also saw Jan and John Lockwood (no sighting). Jan told me that Lisa Weckerly had not seen it earlier in the day. Then I met a fellow who said that he was from a near-by subdivision. He said that he had seen the bird 3 times over the previous 2 weeks, each time at 0700. I told him that many people saw the bird throughout the day yesterday, which surprised him. When I got home, I received the call that the bird had been seen after I left.

With news that the bird has been around for 2 weeks, I have increased hope that it will still be there next Saturday for the Christmas Bird Count.