another Kite update

On Friday, Aug 22, Eric Secker stopped by Bloom School to see the Mississippi Kites. He saw two adults as well as an immature. This is the first sighting of an immature bird that we have heard about. Kite-watchers should keep an eye out for the kitelet and see if there is more than one!
It is interesting to try to see what prey the kites are catching. On Wednesday Marjory Rand and I saw one of the adult kites come in to the dead elm tree carrying prey and being chased by a Chimney Swift. The prey item turned out to be another Chimney Swift! It must have been tasty because later in the day I looked under the tree and found nothing but two primary feathers from the swift.

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  1. 3 kites were in the air over Bloom School on Sunday morning. Vic Berardi was here to look at and photograph them. He and I could not identify a subadult. Each one that we saw appeared to be an adult, but the light was not always the best.

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