A couple of weeks ago, Barbara wrote that Anna Page was underbirded. We decided that, since we live right here on the edge of the park, that was probably our fault. So, we hiked a loop today from the parking lot west to the dry dam and back along the north side of Kent Creek. Located 61 species. A few highlights: 3 Henslow’s Sparrows (west of the dam in the cool season grasses), 4 Dickcissels, 6 Sedge Wrens, Orchard Orioles, a Yellow-breasted Chat, both species of cuckoos, a Blu-winged Teal hen with 3 chicks, Swamp Sparrow. A Hooded Warbler is still calling in the woods behind our house. We saw it along the trail that parallels Kent Creek from the parking lot.

Also, quite a few species of butterflies, including Baltimore Checkerspot, Eyed Brown, various emperors and wood nymphs, and, for you punctuation fans, both ? and ,