A dull Thursday afternoon

Donna and I decided to go to Edwards Orchard West for some critters, via Rock Cut, Nygren, and some open country. Very little around, it seems. At Pierce Lake our only waterfowl were the always-to-be-expected mallards and Canadas in small numbers and 2 rather interesting ducks too far off to ID even at Questar 60X. There were 4 Common Loons, a 3rd-year Bald Eagle, a couple of Ring-billed Gulls, and 14 Bonaparte’s Gulls.

Nygren was exceedingly quiet. A couple of Hooded Mergs, a few Green-winged Teal, and 20+ snipe, plus a few species not worth mentioning. No cranes or raptors.

Between there and Edwards, we saw only crows, doves, starlings, and Red-tails.

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