Boone Cty

Yesterday I was birding over several areas in Boone Cty. I started with Kinnikinnick Creek Conservation Area in the morning where I had 45 species including a woodpecker slam, and a Red-shouldered Hawk. Then at 1:00 I joined Gary Jahnke at Ipsen Rd CA where we had a nice variety including Great Egret, Greater Yellow Legs, Sandhill Crane, and Barn Swallow. We then went down Wheeler Rd where we found a group of 20 Wilson’s Snipe in one of the fields. We later met up again at Garden Prairie Slough for night birding where we had a Virginia Rail and a Black-crowned Night-Heron.

Boone Cty

This morning I was in Spencer Park in Belvidere and visiting the feeders at the nature center was an adult male Purple Finch, he made several trips to the feeders.

For those who have been waiting for the northern sites in Boone to reopen, all of the sites are now open except for Kinnikinnick Creek CA which the roads still need to be re-graded. So, Piscasaw Fen, O O Stimes, Tuttle Clarkson, and Edwards are all open.

Rock Cut recent activity

There have been a few species found on Pierce Lake at Rock Cut recently that are either rare in the county or for the Park. I found a Caspian tern and three American Pipits on Tuesday 3rd April and John Longhenry found a dozen American white pelicans on Sunday Sunday 8th April. Blue-winged teal, pied-billed grebes and Great Egrets have arrived in the county. The ospreys appear to have moved to the platform on the opposite side of Olson lake.