Winnebago County today (5/22)

I started at the flooded area on Baxter Road just N of the entrance to Kilbuck FP.  In the way back on the left, were 4 Semipalmated Plovers and 2 peeps, one of which was a Semipalmated Sandpiper.

From there, I went to Kilbuck Bluffs FP.  Had a few late warblers, (Ywllow-rumped among them) when I heard a double check note of a Summer Tanager, which quickly departed the scene.  But, I found it in the open area opposite the stone shelter house.  A beautiful male was out in the trees opposite the shelter, and it was singing up a storm. I have photos, but can’t seem to post them here.  Must be a change in tech.

Headed over to Bell Bowl, at the Rockford Airport, where Steve Gent reported a Bell’s Vireo.  Relocated that, plus a singing Sedge Wren and an Orchard Oriole.

Northern Mockingbird(s) in the county

Last Thursday a northern mockingbird was photographed at Olson Lake in Rock Cut State Park. The lady concerned is a friend on Facebook, and I saw the photo she posted on the Friday. I went to Olson and looked for the bird but no luck. Yesterday it, or possibly another was seen and photographed at Alpine Park, Rockford. I looked for it today, but no luck again. It is worth keeping an eye out for this species in parks. It could show up anywhere

Pelicans on Blair Rd Pecatonica Wetlands

Today ( May 2nd) I was out and about looking for migrants in the county, and found at least 100 white pelicans on Blair rd. They were fishing in a small creek. There are also a number of pelicans at Howard’s farm. There is also a white-fronted goose there. I did not find many migrants, save many swallows, mostly barn and tree at various locations. On Goerke Rd, off Blair, I found a red-breasted nuthatch foraging at the first pull off. At Lake Somerset I found three terns fishing distantly. I could not ID them to species, but they were probably Forster’s. Note this is a closed site, so no access. You can only view the lake from the causeway. I I did not see any purple martins here, but it was very windy and cold. All the spots I tried for shorebirds came up pretty empty. Oliver Rd had a few greater yellowlegs. There was one lesser yellowlegs on Knapp and one solitary sandpiper. Winds are not favorable right now. Weather should improve by the week end.