Northern Shrike

Yesterday, 12/10, I found an adult Northern Shrike along Blair Road at Pecatonica Wetlands FP.  It was across the road from the brown house with the giant pile of firewood and wood-burning furnace on the north side of the road.  Unfortunately, this is not in the Rockford CBC circle.

The other highlight was a nice N. Harrier hunting near Winnebago Pond.  That is in the count circle.

The sunflower patch on the west side of Winnebago Road, just S of Fish Hatchery Rd., had a flock of 100 or so House Finches, Goldfinches, and House Sparrows.  As long as seeds stay on the flowers, this site should be checked regularly for odd finches.

Townsend’s Solitaire at Rock Cut SP

This morning, Barbara and I found a Townsend’s Solitaire at Rock Cut.  It was perched in the top of a small tree about 100 meters west of the north entrance road on the west side of the parking lot that is on the north side of the prairie planting.   It flew east over the road to the tree line on the north side of the prairie, then back and perched on the split rail fence in the parking lot.  From there, it fed on Virginia Creeper berries.

A Townsend’s Solitaire was seen in the same place on Friday, November 25 and posted to eBird on Monday, November 28.  This is almost certainly the same bird.

It was still present at noon, when Trip Thienemann saw and photographed it.

Here is one of Barbara’s photos of the bird.