Howard farm

Phil Doncheck called me at 0730 today to report that he found a Ross’ Goose and a blue morph Snow Goose at the Howard farm. I arrived there around 0900 and found both birds fairly quickly. There were about 350 Canada Geese there and about 15 Cackling Geese, but I didn’t try very hard to find all of those, so there could be more.

Lake Summerset had only a female Redhead and 3 Herring Gulls.

Phil told me later that he found a Horned Grebe and a Common Merganser at the north end of Westlake, by the dam.

Rock Cut Birding 12-3-15

After receiving a call from Dan Williams, Joyce and I went to Rock Cut.  He had stated there was a female Black Scoter on the lake just east of the little rock island.      We found 2 female Black Scoters, 1 Common Loon(winter plumage), 2 Red-breasted Mergansers, 5 Rudy Ducks, and 1 female Goldeneye duck.  An immature Bald Eagle flew by as we were looking at the ducks.  Steve and Dot Cooper also saw the birds.

Jack Armstrong