Blue Grosbeak at Rockford airport

This morning, I spotted a female Blue Grosbeak along Cessna Drive. It was perched on the chain link fence east of the locked gate where Cessna Drive makes a 90 degree left turn. The female was carrying food into the thicket.

Last month (I think) John Longhenry reported 3 Blue Grosbeaks from this same area. Perhaps this is a second nesting effort.

Recent sightings

Barbara and I returned from a trip on August 19 and saw that no one had posted anything since I reported in July. So, I thought that I would mention a few things that have come to my attention since we have returned.

The Osprey pair at Rock Cut SP was successful in fledging two chicks. Mike Descamps sent me some of his nice photos, which I have sent (with Mike’s permission) to Steve Bailey for the 2013 breeding season issue of Meadowlark, which will be published in summer, 2014. As far as I know, this is the second confirmed nest in Winnebago County in 50 or so years. Maybe longer.

The Peregrine Falcon apparently continues to hang around downtown Rockford. Several folks have reported sighting a Peregrine in that area.

Warbler migration is under way, at least at our house. A couple of Tennessee Warblers were here this morning, and one was singing. Last week, on the 22nd, a Red-breasted Nuthatch was heard. At least 9 Eastern Kingbirds were feasting on Pagoda Dogwood berries at one time in our front yard. If you want to attract some birds to your yard in fall, plant a couple of Pagoda Dogwoods. They are native, and birds love the berries. In past years, Red-eyed Vireos were the most frequent diners. This year seems to be the kingbirds.

This morning, I had two Purple Martins fly over while I was out in the prairie. Common Nighthawks are regular here right now as they migrate over. Last evening, Patty Oliveri called with a report of many nighthawks over Meridian Road as she was driving north.