Oct 15 hawkwatch

We had better weather conditions for a hawkwatch this time and better results. Clear skies with NW winds at about 15 miles per hour brought out 3 Turkey Vultures, 8 Sharp-shinned Hawks, 6 Cooper’s Hawks and 10 Red-tailed Hawks. 13 observers joined us through the course of the morning.
That still isn’t very many hawks for a sunny, breezy day during hawk migration but every day is different and we’ll take what we get. We don’t have any geologic features that help to concentrate the birds at the Rock Cut site so we will never have the numbers of birds that are seen at Hawk Ridge in Duluth or at Illinois Beach State Park. However, the site overlooking Olson Lake at Rock Cut can produce some pretty good hawk days, and it is worth spending some time there if you get the chance and the weather is conducive to hawk flights.

Late report of 4 plegadis ibis

Today, I received a call from Jeff Donaldson. He told me that Greg Keilback saw 4 plegadis ibis (species?) at Nygren on Saturday, October 8. According to Greg, they
stayed all day. It’s too bad Greg didn’t alert the birding community to the presence of these birds right away. Barbara, Larry Balch and I were there on Sunday morning for 3 hours and did not see any ibis.