December 2007

Kudos to Dan for getting the word out to us and Don Miller for the great spotting!! We headed up and the Snowy Owl was being viewed by several Bird Club members when we got there. It was pretty far from the road on the south side. Here’s the best photo I could get.

Snowy Owl

Don Miller spotted a Snowy Owl this morning near Roscoe. The bird was perched on top of power poles along Gleasman Road, about 1.5 miles east of the intersection of Old River Rd. and Gleasman Rd. That is the intersection at the northwest corner of Atwood Homestead Forest Preserve and Golf Course. Go east on Gleasman down the hill, under the railroad viaduct, and out into the ag fields. About 1/2 mile east of the viaduct, Gleasman Road will start a sweeping curve to the left (north). Barbara and I saw the bird perched on a power pole with a lot of transformers on it along the south side of the road right at the start of the curve. It was still there when we left at 0935. Please don’t park too close to the bird or flush it. If you flush it, it may fly out into the fields and be much harder to relocate, if it doesn’t fly completely away.

A reminder that the Rockford CBC will be held on Saturday, December 15. The count generally covers the northwest quadrant of the City of Rockford and northwest Winnebago County. The eastern boundary roughly follows the Rock River from downtown Rockford to Rockton. The southern arc is generally US 20 bypass from Meridian Road west to Berglund Rd. The northwest corner is Sugar River FP. If you signed up for the count at the Rockford Bird Club meeting in October, but haven’t heard from me, don’t worry. I have your name and the sheet, and you will be assigned to a team. You will hear from (or you are) a team captain.

If you don’t have time to participate for at least one-half of a day, but live iwthin the count circle and would like to count birds at your feeder, please let me know by email at I will mail you a feeder form.

Remember that there is a $5 fee to participate for anyone over 19. The fee is not charged to feeder watchers.

If you have questions, you can email me at the above address or call 815-968-4732. Thanks.

Brian Leaf reports…

3 Common Redpolls were sighted yesterday at the Severson Dells feeders.

Map to Severson Dells

There are still no finches at the cone crop in Greenwood Cemetary. Dan and I saw an adult Peregrine Falcon flying downriver at the 15th Ave. Bridge. At Klehm Arboretum there were 7 Pine Siskins along with the usual Am. Robins and Cedar Waxwings immediately west of the Clarcor pavillion. A little farther west a Barred Owl was sitting on the big chain link fence that forms the Northern boundary of the arboretum. At the airport there are many Mallards, Canadas and Cackling Geese along with a handful of Black Ducks one Blue Goose and one Ross’s Goose in the pond between Beltline Road and the runways. Bunches of Horned Larks and a few Lapland Longspurs were on Kelley Road.

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